Ireland Investment funds come from individuals looking for a passive, real estate investment, offering competitive returns. We provide the due-diligence and expertise to pair investors with appropriate investments, customized to their portfolios.


Investment Objective and Strategy

The funds objectives are to offer a safe haven for investor’s capital, produce a source of dependable income and compound appreciation of hard assets. This is achieved by purchasing under-performing real estate in the Kansas City market, developing it through capital improvements and innovative management strategies, resulting in a stable, income producing asset.Network-of-people-280x150

This process has proven successful for Ireland Investment and our partners, primarily due to our thorough understanding of the Kansas City real estate market and our specialized focus on single and multifamily units.

Track Record

downloadOur track record demonstrates a commitment to quality, reliability, and continual improvement. This track record is exemplified in the relationship we have with our investors, a cornerstone to Ireland Investments success. By exclusively focusing in the Kansas City market, we leverage our connections, relationships and resources to grow and protect our investor’s wealth.