Attention: Key Changes Are Coming for Single Family Buy-And-Hold Investors

f you are a buy-and-hold investor seeking to grow your portfolio to include 20, 30, 50, 100+ units, there is¬†awesome¬†news for you in the market place. As of last year, Freddie Mac decided to jump into the single-family rental (SFR) space and begin funding larger-scale rental portfolios. This is exceptionally exciting, especially considering the additional... Continue Reading →

Forget Everything You Know: 15-Year Mortgages Are Best for New & Intermediate Investors

First and foremost, most investors should make an effort to build relationships with smaller, local banks. These banks generally only loan 15 or 20-year money and offer: Quicker turnaround Flexibility on credit score based on personal relationships Knowledge of local markets Networks of local attorneys, real estate agents, contractors, insurance agents, and other professionals The... Continue Reading →

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