Positive Cash Flow

Multi-family properties produce consistent positive monthly cash flows after paying expenses resulting in steady passive income.

Tax Advantages

While there are several tax advantages available to real estate owners, Depreciation expense is perhaps one of the biggest because it reduces the taxes due on income generated from rental properties.

Opportunity to Scale

Multi-family properties allow for efficiencies in managing the day to day operations of rental communities because of the concentrated nature of the rental units and residents.

Supply and Demand

Forecasts suggest a shortage of multi-family units through 2040. Additionally, rising home prices and interest rates make home ownership less affordable for younger buyers thus driving demand for apartments.

Inflation Hedge

Historically, real estate has been one of the best hedges against the inflation.

Principle Paydown

A portion of each monthly rent payment is allocated to paying down the mortgage on our investments. As a result, Owners build equity with every monthly payment.

Opportunity for Appreciation

Appreciation can be driven through rising real estate prices or leveraging the value add expertise of Worcester, or both.

Impact on our Community

Ireland Investments is a values based company dedicated to improving the lives of our families, friends, and neighbors.


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