Tired of Ineffective Mailers? It’s Time to Bring Your Marketing Into the 21st Century

Ever go to the mailbox after a long day of work, peer inside hoping to find something fun and useful (or better yet, a check), but instead it’s clogged with shiny coupons and ads from companies you have no interest in? It happens to all of us.

We shove the whole stack of mailers into the recycling bin without hesitation and without a second glance. But those mailers came from people like you. You—the investor attempting to expand your network, to get your name out there, to build your business.

You spent time and money on those mailers in hopes that the resources invested in their creation and delivery would pay off with the customers they would create. Except they didn’t. Now you’ve wasted money on the mailers and wasted time waiting for the customer to come to you. Why not bring your marketing efforts into the 21st century?

You know the old adage: Time is money. Sourcing your time appropriately, especially in a business like real estate investing, is synonymous with profit. Remember that list you used to create your mailers? The one with addresses and no contact information? Keep it. You can use that list and take advantage of the inundation of accessible data points on homeowners.


Improve Efficiency With Voicemail Drop Systems

Perhaps you, like the rest of us, don’t have time to sit and wait for everyone’s phone to ring 4-6 times before it inevitably goes to voicemail—because you know your unknown number is getting screened anyway. Thankfully, there are apps for that.

Using voicemail drop systems, you can send voicemails directly to someone’s voicemail box. Now you don’t have to wait for the phone to stop ringing. Your new prospect receives an intriguing notification on their phone for a new voicemail from a phone call that they don’t remember receiving. They’ll most likely be curious and suddenly find themselves listening to your message and hearing what you can offer them.


Even better, voicemail drop apps are constantly improving and have recently added features that allows you to send a single recorded voicemail to multiple phone numbers at once! Your network is now as big as you want it to be, with even less effort.

And those mailers? Feel free to replace them with a personalized “thank you” note after you close the sale.

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